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We design tradenames (company names), brand names, trademarks, service marks, logos, slogans, etc. We can also register the respective domain names for you. Prices: $300 - $1,500 (Orders must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the final price.) Domainwood - Domain design & registration services  Corporate Logo Design

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Our Clients & Projects Tradenams - Trademarks - Service Marks
Six Interactions Six Interactions, 'No Chance To Lose', The 006 Translator Directory
Webton Office Webton, Webton Office, The Global Trademark Solution, DryText
Verbatoria Consulting Verbatoria Consulting, VERCON, 'The Emerging Information'
Infoplaza Search Service Infoplaza Search Service, Eastwork, 'We'll bring IT to you' EuroDir, EuropeanCommerceDirectory
Informing Company Inc. Informing Company, Informing.Com
Internet Commodities Market Internet Commodities Market, 'The Commerce of Essentials'
Cyberstein Cyberstein Interantion Recruitment,
Domainwood Domainwood,
Hypermed Experts Hypermed Experts, 'Look at our logo and you know it'
Word of Wordland Word of Wordland, WoW, Slovakopedia
The Czech Files The Czech Files Hungary Business Center,
Americanada Information Broker AMERICANADA
Superdomain Web Services superDomain, Fast Food Web Presence, Webburger, Valburger
SLOVENSKO.COM SLOVENSKO.COM, Slovakia Daily Surveyor,,
Intermedicine Intermedicine, MedicalYellowPages
XTT eXtra Terrestrial Trade EUROLAWYERS
HIRN HIRN, Brainstein Group, Hirnformation
sMarket eCommerce sMarket.Com, sMarket eCommerce
More Names:

Configura, Globusiness, Capinvest, EuroCap, Solios, USCAP.COM, etc.

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