Billl's Domain Market: Terms of Service

1. Submitting a domain for listing expresses your consent with these Terms of Service.

2. Listing can be requested only by the owners of the domain names, in case of email submission identified by the email address of the so-called Administrative Contact in the Whois database maintained by Network Solutions (earlier called InterNIC).

3. If you wish to remove your listing for any reason, please let us know and the listing will be deleted.

4. If your domain is listed and it was not requested by you, it is possible that it was requested by somebody else from your company. It is also possible that it was requested by the previous owner of the domain. If you think that you are the first owner of the domain, it is still possible that somebody registered the domain ealier and it expired, because he failed to pay the yearly fee. In case of such listing, please do not panic, just notify us and the listing will be removed without any cost for you. There is no risk for you and it does not mean that someone attempts to sell you domain. It is just an old listing that has not been canceled. But the cancellation also can be done solely by the owner. We do not re-check the ownership of the domain name every day and, as far as we know, no other listing service does. We also do not re-check your intention to sell the domain every day. If you or the new owner do not notify us of such changes, the listing remains as it was originally requested.

5. The seller of any domain listed by our service is always identical with the owner as listed in the Whois database maintained by Network Solutions (earlier called InterNIC). We do not sell nobody else's domains, unless explicitly requested and authorized. If you have any doubt about any listing, you can contact us or directly the owner of the domain. We do not support, have never supported and will never support any frauds.

6. Again: Each listing was requested by the owner of the domain name (current or previous) and can be very easily removed. There is no reason why we should list any domain name that is not for sale. And we do not do things that make no sense.

Please email us your listing requests.

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